Thought for the Week 2

Hi All,

Pictures that make you think and quotes that make you talk.  This is what ‘Thought for the Week’ is all about.

Welcome to week two, with an exciting quote from Leon.  Looking at this quote, for me, this is one thing that is easy to avoid as a photographer.  As modern technology and the way in which our work is created, time is something we may not have in our lives.  It is time to stop, pause and think this week.  Create a photograph that you have thought about for more than 5 minutes from one position on a walk, wether it is your route home from work or from walking the dog.  Take the time out, if you have not got time, try to make time.  It is important to pause and review the world around us, it flies past too quickly!!!

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Thought for the Week 1

Hi All,

Pictures that make you think and quotes that make you talk.  This is what ‘Thought for the Week’ is all about.

Once a week I will be posting famous quotes and images, to the not so famous.  Please feel free to comment, like and of course share!!!!


Jasper Doest Wildlife Photographer

I just wanted to post about this fantastic wildlife photographer.  If you have not seen his work before then I suggest that you have a look.  This is his website:

Jasper’s photography is always about emotion, wherever he is in the world.  He looks at wildlife from a view point that I find very interesting and different.  Capturing the essence of the animal and the habitat that it is within.  He has received numerous recognition for his work, especially with the image that I am showing you here:


This is entitled ‘Snow Moment’ winning Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013.  A fantastic and breath taking moment, all captured in one image.  Fantastic is all I have to say.  I hope you enjoy it too!

To end, a word from Jasper Doest written by the Guardian.

Advice: Ask yourself what it is that makes your heart beat faster and go after that.

Image is copyright of Jasper Doest

A bit about me

I am a photographer and videographer, looking at the world and capturing the angles that you might not normally see.  Also, my aim is to take more natural scenes and show them to you, allowing you to have that moment to stop, pause and see the world from a different perspective.

My passion for photography started via my passion for wildlife.  Like many children I loved animals and would sit and watch them for hours, wether out in the wild or the more exotic within zoos.  There is always a feeling of connection, when you are sat looking at an enclosure, a piece of reinforced glass between you and a tiger, staring face against the glass back.  Probably the idea that dinner is served from the tigers point of view, but I have always been fascinated, awed and inspired.

Needless to say, I took lots of photographs of wildlife, just snaps back then really.  From there the hobby grew, some indecision along the way and nearly a completely different career path, but now photography is my job and my life.

I am currently working in the hospitality and corporate sector with my work.  Wildlife photography is a hobby and I think will stay that way, for now at least.  I love what I am currently doing and the variety of the work.  Working with another photographer and my own photography.

I would like to share my journey, to share my images for you to see, to comment, to debate, but simply for you to look and hopefully enjoy.

Speak soon


Angela Hartnett Interview Part 1

Dear All,

Here is a video about a fantastic woman in the hospitality industry, non other than Angela Hartnett.  In this part 1of 2 interview videos we find out about her life and cooking background.  From working with Gordon Ramsay and what that provided for her career.  I was second camerman and edited this video for @hospitalitymedi Hospitality Media

A Summer Festival Performance with a twist

Dear All,

I hope you are all well!  I have not blogged for simply ages!!

I have been very busy with work, so I am sorry for not being in contact, but I have had lots of shoots with photography and videography.  There has been a real mix and I have a lot to show you, for you to comment, discuss and share if you like it.

I have been mainly working in the hospitality sector, with also some corporate work as well.  The latest video I have made, which was only published a week ago, is of a Summer Festival in a small village in Kent.  During this event there was something a little different that happened during a year 2’s dance performance.  I was asked to come along and video it for them.

Have a look below and let me know your thoughts.  Looking forward to speaking to you all more with work and topics that are happening at the moment in the world around photography and video.  I hope you enjoy the video!! 🙂

New Website!!!

Hi All,

My website is now launched.  You can now see some of my latest work and portfolios.  My work consists of a commercial/fine art style looking at emotions and the way that we perceive things.

Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Also, my blog page has moved.  At the moment I cannot move my followers and subscribers.  So here is the link, but hopefully it will all be sorted soon 🙂

John Sheppard

Frame by Frame

Hi All,

Here is some of my latest work.  I have been working on a variety of projects from photography, video to creating my own greetings cards.  A lot has been happening, but I wanted to share with you my latest video, which I finished last week.  If you get the chance to look read the description for the idea behind the project.  I am looking at decay and time within a time lapse.  Let me know what you think:

John Sheppard